Gradient Room Scene Image
Gradient Room Scene Image


Softening tones for trendy aesthetic. Blend of chromatic intensities. Richness of nuances in gradient harmony.

Tencer Gradient 3x12 Blue Matte

Tencer Gradient 3x12 Blue Matte

$12.95 SF

3x12 Glossy

3x12 Matte

Crayon 1.7"x9.5" Glossy

Crayon 1.7"x9.5" Matte

Pencil Bullnose 0.43"x12" Glossy

Pencil Bullnose 0.43"x12" Matte

Other trim and related accessories may be available by special order. Please contact us for more information.

Mini Tencer Gradient 3x12 Blue Matte Preview

Tencer Gradient 3x12 Blue Matte

1.7" x 9.5" Crayon Matte - Blue 1
3x12 Glossy - White 2
1.7" x 9.5" Crayon Matte - White 3
3x12 Glossy - Indigo 4
3x12 Matte - Greige 5
0.43" x 12" Pencil Bullnose Glossy - Greige 6
1.7" x 9.5" Crayon Glossy - Greige 7
3x12 Glossy - Greige 8
3x12 Matte - White 9

Room scenes pictured may depict a different sku of the same collection. Product images may also vary in actual colour & texture due to pattern variations and/or on-screen display. There may be additional sizes & variants not shown online. For inquires on all our product offerings please contact your Tierra Sol Product Consultant for more details.

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