Updated Large Format Collection: Unique Marble Slabs

Updated Large Format Collection: Unique Marble Slabs - Resource

Unique Marble: the unseen face of marble

Marble has always played an important role in art and architecture, embodying style and uniqueness in every furnishing solution.

Unique Marble brings together five of the world’s most exclusive marbles and reinterprets them for contemporary taste in a complete, original project.

From the strong personality of Bianco Siena, the expressive power of Moon Grey, the intensity of Paonazzetto, and the sophistication of Sahara Noir. Natural beauty and creativity merge in this unusual, sophisticated project, which offers a new aesthetic, shaped by blending the elegance of marbles with the transparency and fluidity of resin.

The vein patterns and depth of the marble stand out thanks to the harmonious contrast with the monochrome effect of the resin, creating a sophisticated texture ideal for settings with a strong character.

Recycled Material: 12%

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NOTE: Please refer to A‐frame / Crate policy for slabs under our terms and conditions of sale.