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Seattle branch: Temporarily closed

Please note that our Seattle branch is temporarily closed due to a government non-essential business closure order.

Canadian branches: Updates

Please note that our Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver showrooms are temporarily closed.

Our warehouse will no longer offer local pickup services to installers, customers and drivers. Please work with your customer service representative to request in the interim, at no additional cost, local delivery of orders to your facility.

The warehouses will still continue to serve transport company pickup and shipments, but additional safety guidelines are in place.

Canadian branches: Closed Saturdays

Please note that the Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver branches are now closed on Saturdays until April 11, 2020.

Clearance Items on website

We are now listing our Clearance items on our website, updated in real time, for Canada and USA.

Important Note: Items are limited and quantities shown are subject to change without notice. There are no HOLDS or RETURNS on Clearance Items.

Dealer Locator

We are pleased to introduce a Dealer Locator feature on our website. Simply enter your address or postal / zip code in the search and the map will populate the closest dealers with Tierra Sol products.