FIELDS OF APPLICATION AND MAINTENANCE TIPS: FLOORS The four base colours (Biondo, Bruno, Grigio, Neutro) are the ideal solution for an extensive variety of residential and commercial applications. It is a good rule to use the special order coloured product in light traffic areas. The artisan product has been devised to mature over time, appearing slightly aged, to enhance the true feel of natural wood. Be very careful when laying the product if the typical surrounding conditions of the place of installation could damage the materials. WALLS The four neutral colours are ideal for both exteriors and interiors. The coloured special order products, on the other hand, are made exclusively for interiors, therefore they are not recommended for application on outdoor walls.

NOTE: Due to variations in all digital displays, the tile colour and texture shown on this website may vary computer to computer and from screen to reality. Pictures are for representational purposes only. We encourage you to visit our showrooms or retail partners to view tiles in person.

In addition to the information contained here-in, please enquire with any questions regarding other specifications or technical notes, suitable applications, non-stocked sizes of tile, or installation specifications.

41Zero42 U-Color


An artisan product,devised to mature over time appearing slightly aged, to enhance the true feel of natural painted wood. U-color is not simply a series, but is more an idea or a concept. It has been thought up to offer an endless choice of colours to enhance the creative minds of designers and to generate new trends.


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Due to the glaze used on the special order colours, these can only be used in lighter traffic areas only. Please allow 60 days average but time needs to be confirmed at time of ordering. Minimum order: 11 SF per colour. A deposit is required and no returns are accepted.